Introducing Solid Proof

The best way to manage & QC

Legal professionals use Solid Proof to instantly QC document productions. With logging and management capabilities, Solid Proof improves productivity and compliance. Here are just a few of Solid Proof's innovative features:

  • Automated and Instant QC
  • Edit load files without opening
  • Logging and Management
  • Automated Encryption
  • Automated Compression
  • Document Filtering
Built for you

Who Uses Solid Proof?

Solid Proof helps you get work done quickly and accurately.


Use Solid Proof to easily verify that production data was prepared to spec before going out the door.

Litigation Support

Perform post-production export tasks with ease using Solid Proof. Automatic field mapping, encryption, conversion are just a few ways that make litigation support professionals more productive.


Solid Proof's production management tools help paralegals keep track of document productions.

Easy To Use

A Turnkey Solution

It's easy to start using Solid Proof right away.

Because Solid Proof runs directly on your computer. There's no need for changes to your organization's IT infrastructure.
Your documents never leave your organization.
Solid proof works for you with just a few clicks.